• Nowamagbe Austin Omoigui: 1959-2021

    Dr. Nowamagbe Austin Omoigui, pre-eminent interventional cardiologist in Columbia, South Carolina and foremost Nigerian-American civil-military historian, shed his earthly bonds and was called to the Lord on April 18, 2021. Preceded in passing by his beloved mother, Mrs. Grace Onaiwu Omoigui, Dr. Omoigui is survived by his wife Moira Omoigui, their children (Ikpomwosa Omoigui, Ighiwiyisi…

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  • The Bakassi Story – Part 2: 1950 -75

    In the first installment titled “The Bakassi Story”, we reviewed a very brief summary of the history of the dispute starting from the Treaty between England and Old Calabar in 1884 all the way through to the ICJ judgement of October 10, 2002.  Those who want more information about the fall of Calabar should consult “Politics…


    In Nigeria, beginning in the wee hours of December 17th, 1985 and extending for the next two weeks, over one hundred airforce, army and naval officers were arrested en masse for allegedly plotting to overthrow the 4 month old government of Major General Ibrahim Babangida who had himself come to power on August 27, 1985 in a…

  • An Overview of the Evolution of the Nigerian Army

    Following a naval bombardment on December 26 and 27, 1851, motivated by Britain’s desire for a share of regional trade, Lagos was brought under British gunboat influence.  The opportunity for Britain to do this was partially created by a dispute between elements of the Lagos traditional ruling House (Kosoko and Akitoye).  When Kosoko (who was…



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